Tobacco Use Prevention Program: Orange County resources for tobacco use prevention, quitting smoking, tobacco laws, electronic cigarettes, and protection from secondhand smoke exposure

California Youth Advocacy Network: Downloadable educational materials to support your tobacco-free efforts

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Youth tobacco prevention information and materials

Change Lab Solutions: Model tobacco control policies and laws

TobaccoFreeCA: Learn how tobacco harms ALL Californians, whether we smoke or not. Also provides information about e-cigarettes and secondhand smoke.

Tobacco Free College CampusesThis free guide helps college students better understand why colleges and universities are choosing to go smoke-free. The guide also includes resources to help students quit using tobacco products and ten tips to help encourage students to work with their peers and campus officials to create a smoke-free or tobacco-free campus.

Statewide Priority Population Coordinating Centers: The California Tobacco Control Program funds a variety of coordinating centers that provide specialized support tailored to California’s priority populations. Check out the links below for more information.

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